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I started this blog a long time ago as part of my education in Internet Marketing. Since that time I graduated from that course and returned to school to learn about Innovation & Entrepreneurship, both from Full Sail University.

It has been my desire to start a business helping others start their own businesses. Because I know all about the struggles of starting anything on an empty wallet, I have decided to share some of the things that I have discovered along the way.

I returned to my free WordPress site in order to show that you too can start using free resources in your own business. Because of these free resources, it takes a bit more creativity in order to work around the limitations that often come with free. For example, a free WordPress Blog website does not permit the use of plugins. This means that I need to use a work around to resolve this limitation.

Remember, just because something is free to use does not mean that it is totally free to you. There are various ways for a free item or service can cost you. In some cases it will cost you in time. For example, if you build and host a website of a free hosting service, it will cost you the time to learn how to build that website. It may also become more difficult to sent traffic to that website.

Another way something may cost you is through the information that you need to supply. This could be as little as an email address. They may also ask you for name, phone number, website, etc. Some things will be required while other things may be optional. This is a common practice used to build email lists. They ask for your email address and may ask for your name and they will provide you with some valuable information such as a report or they may share with you the result of a survey.

We should not forget the old advertisements in exchange for that something free. This is like the commercials that pay for free TV service. You will also find ads on many websites.

Whenever you run across an alternative way of paying for that free something or an other. Instead of ignoring them, take the time to study them. It may become a valuable lesson and something that you can apply to your business.

Leave a reply below and tell me what you think. Then visit the Resource Page for available resources.

Marketing, who needs it? Part 1

English: a chart to describe the search engine...

English: a chart to describe the search engine market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a far back that I can remember, I have heard that there are three key things about having a successful business: location, location, location. While that may be true in today’s market: what about in the digital world?

In a brick and mortar business, the location of that business can either make or break that business. In the right location, a business will receive enough traffic without any serious marketing efforts. In some cases, surrounding business will attract traffic that will see your storefront. However, that does not hold true in our online world of today.

Your digital business could be hosted by a business that serves hundreds, even thousands of other businesses, however, none of these other business are able to lend you their traffic just by being located on the same hosting service block. You will need to make a direct effort in order to redirect some of that traffic your way.

Simply building a website is like building your brick and mortar business in the middle of nowhere. While there may be a microscopic chance that someone may pass you physical business by mistake, that will not happen online.

Just because a search engine may find your online business, it does no mean that your business will rank high enough for people to stumble across it, just because of the search engine. We must resolve to take matters into our own hands to direct traffic in our direction, this will not happen by accident. The same is true for every physical business.

The first thing that we need to consider is our neighborhood, i.e. our location. If this area has high traffic, then there is a chance that you may get some visitors from just passing by, that is if that traffic is not moving too fast.

Several simple things can be done in order to let people know that you are in business, such as placing the name of the business on the building and a sign by the road. The only problem with only posting the name is that many names do not explain what the business is all about. This requires more effort.

Even if you have adequate, identifiers located on and by your business; that will only produce very limited results. You need to do more! Perhaps, you can place a notice or an ad in the newspaper or phonebook. On the other hand, you could use the radio or TV to host your ad. At this point, you will start reaching out to more people.

The problem with these channels of marketing is that they have very limited results; since most people do not have these in front of them at the exact time that, they may need your products or service.

These days, most people will have a cell phone with them at nearly all times of the day or night. Most of the cellphones have access to the Internet. Even with simpler cellphones that can access the Internet, a person can search for a business by name or category. Some of these phones can even sense where the phone is located and will direct the searches based on this information.

Every business will be able to benefit from being locatable by these cellphones regardless if they have an Internet presence or not. By just having a searchable listing online, you will benefit from a digital form of the Telephone book or yellow pages.

However, simply listing with only one of these search engines is not enough. There are many different search engines out there and different phone will access different search engines, so you will need to be located in as many as possible. Likewise, people will prefer to use different search engines, so you will need to be located where these people search.

Cellphones only make up a part of the reason for being listed or located online. These days, people will use computers or laptops in order to do comparative shopping before they actually do any real shopping. If you are not located online, your business will be excluded from these searches and as a result, you will loose business!

There are three way to list your business with a search engine. There is local search, organic search and paid search. The local search lists business based on the physical location. Organic search lists businesses based on how well they rank for certain keywords that are located on their website. Paid search is different; a business pays for their keywords to appear in the search results. Their appearance is random, based on several factors, one of which is the amount that is paid for the keyword when the listing is listed or clicked.

There are several factors that effect the strength or rankings of organic keywords on a website. Some of these things will affect it to strengthen, while other things can actually weaken the position. In some extreme cases, a site could even be banned from the search engine.

It is advisable to hire a professional to assist with your online listing for your website. It is possible to have a very successful and high keyword rank that brings a lot of traffic to your website that not do anything that will benefit you in any way at all. They may be looking for some generic term which just happens to fit your website, but not the purpose of your website.

The process of identifying keywords that are a great fit for your website is call Search Engine Optimization. This requires more than just randomly selecting a bunch of words. It takes time! In some cases, it may cost you more to do your own work than it will cost to hire someone skilled at it. There is a science behind Search Engine Optimization. It involves testing and analysis in order to yield results from Search Engine Optimization.

Have Phone, Will Travel – Mobile Marketing

Smartphone onlineWith Internet Advertising revenue reaching an all-time high of $31 billion for 2011 and the fourth quarter hit a best-ever at $9 billion. It’s time to grab your slice of the pie. Nearly everybody has a cell phone and many use it to make purchases, some as simple a Ringtone, a song, ebook or movie. Others use them to search for restaurants or other services.

We are no longer limited to simply making purchases for our cell phones. Even shopping with your cell phone at places like or is old news. With new technology comes the ability to do many other things, such as online banking, paying bills and even paying for purchases like a Credit or Debit card at the store or the gas pumps.

Cell phones are capable of receiving texts or email advertisements and coupons. The smarter the phone, the smarter the delivery method used for these advertisements. They could be delivered through an app or they could be location and time sensitive.

People just do not walk around with their desktop computers or even their laptops. They stay connected with their friends through their cell phones, which are capable of connecting to social sites or make online searches. Most people take their cell phones everywhere, so that is the best method to reach them, including delivering advertisements to them.

In addition to sending your advertisement to cell phones, it is equally important to provide mobile quality websites that can be accessed via a mobile device. Just remember that you cannot navigate a website on your cell phone with a mouse. However, you may be able to provide an app that your user can use. This could create a closer community for your users with fewer distractions.

Of course, before you create your mobile site, you may want to test your current one to see how accessible it will be from a mobile device. GoMo, (,) is one place where you can test your site for free, or you can build your mobile site there.

Reference:, Retrieved June 22, 2012, Retrieved June 22, 2012, Retrieved June 22, 2012

Tent Wrestling2

This is a remix of my video “Tent Wrestling”. I wanted to have “Eye of the Tiger” by Surviver, but it took a little time in order to receive permission to use it. I did finally receive it, but it took me a bit to update it.

I would like to give special thanks to my wife, Tera Buhlmann of “Mobile Twoo” Windshield Repair (423.248.8582) for operating the camera.

I would like to thank Christopher Aldridge of for his part, wrestling with the Tent.

I would like to thank Frankie Sullivan from Survivor for granting my request for the use of “Eve of the Tiger.”

Feel free to share this video.

Camping for All – Landing Page

This is a mock up page for the fictitious company “Camping for All.” The access for this page would come from the blog which is linked to the “Tent Wrestling” video. The There are two main purposes for this landing pages. The First, to obtain contact information; name and email address. Second, to get qualified leads of what the site visitor actually needs and wants.

This approach offers a Win-Win for both the site visitor and the company. The site visitor benefits from the experience of the personal of the company and is able to make sound choices regarding any camping equipment that will be  purchased. By placing the site visitor first, the company will gain by loyalty as both a information and equipment source.

Tent Wrestling

Have you ever had a fight with your tent after camping? Most of us have.

Since my youth, I have enjoyed camping, like so many of us. I have wrestled with many tents over the years. This video is a hilarious look at the struggle of putting your tent up after using it.

If you are one of the many of us who have experience trouble with your tent, share it with us.


This video is for a school assignment. It was for a fictitious company, “Camping for All.” If this company was a real company, the video would direct viewers to their blog. The blog post would include a link to the camping tutorials.

I would like to thank Christopher Aldridge of for his help in filming this video. I would also like to thank Phasenwandler for the free use of their song, “Longing for Freedom” located at

Who’s your Favorite?

In this video, a father attempts to get his young child to tell him who her favorite parent is. After the first attempt, he resorts to bribing her with a snack. Then he tries again and finally attempts to bribe with the promise of a horse. The young child continuously tells him that Mom is her favorite!

This little video reminds me of what happened with my wife and her attempt to get our youngest son to have him say Mama first. With all her hard work, his first words was Dada! It still brings a smile to my face.

Straight Talk, Incompetent or Criminal?

scheme of mobile phone

Image via Wikipedia

Have you ever done business with a company that does not have customer support? Not that they do not have the personal; just that they do not have a team that provides support. That is the case with a Mobile Phone provider name Straight Talk. While they have the lowest rates for their services, they have the worst customer service of any company in every industry.

Just look up Straight Talk online and check out the reviews that they have received. There is nothing but bad reviews. While they offer prices of $30 and $45 for their monthly service plans, this does not justify their gross incompetence, or is it intentional, are the robbing those that select to do business with them?

After a long series of bad service, the latest source of stress and frustration comes from an incidence involving a bad phone that needed to be repaired or exchanged. This has not been the first time that we had a bad phone. The first time was while it was still new enough for us to be forced to go back to Walmart for an exchange. This was a nightmare! We had to purchase a new phone before we could get a refund on the old phone just so we could keep the phone number that we have had for years. The entire process of getting the phone switch over took well over three hours with Walmart customers service. The young lady that was working went beyond the call of duty in order to assist us in the process. Walmart has excellent customer service! However, they should be more selective with whom they collaborates with, because a massive bad experience reflects poorly on Walmart itself.

This time, we were required to return the phone back to Straight Talk. The last time we had to replace a phone directly from Straight Talk, they send out a replacement phone before we had to mail in our phone. This was an excellent act of customer service! However, this time with a more expensive phone that we purchased directly from Straight Talk via their website, we were required to mail in our phone and were informed that it would be a ten day waiting time before receiving a phone.

However, instead of receiving the phone, nothing came, in spite of the fact that my wife called and confirmed that they received the phone and confirmed that we would receive the phone within the ten days. The tenth day came and still no phone. We called again and they gave the excuse that they were overloaded. After this new receiving date, again there was no phone, instead, we received a box that included the label and packaging in order for us to return the phone.

Once more, we contacted Straight Talk once again; we were informed that we should receive the phone within two to three days. However, there was nothing that was offered for the extremely poor service.

Here is a special note for Straight Talk, in case you read this. This whole problem could have been resolved by simply sending out a replacement phone. You could simply have used one of your reconditioned phones or even a new phone. If you provided a replacement phone, and resolved this issue quickly, you would receive great customer ratings. This would give you a better Brand name than treating your customers as if you do not care.

You need to work on repairing your reputation with your customers; after all, they are the ones that enable you to receive a paycheck. That is a no brainer!

For those that follow my Blog for business building, this is a perfect example of what not to do if you want to stay in business.

They seem to have extra money, but not enough to take care of their customers, how sad!Enhanced by Zemanta

Facebook to the Rescue

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

I have been talking about the “Job Creation Project” ever since the beginning of the year. I have been looking for people to help me with this project since then. I started presenting my idea in a couple of school project and talked about it to people. Then as I got further in my class work at Full Sail University, part of my assignments was to start a blog. Since then, I have adjusted my assignment to reflect around this project. The first blog was back in May.

Since that time, like other blogs, getting the word out has been slow. As of today, I have had two hundred and eighty six views to my blog. Lately, there has been an increased interest in my blog. Tonight, I was informed that there was a problem viewing the blog with Internet Explorer. It turns out that the problem is only with the Mac version of IE.

I turned to my Facebook friends to help my find out if the PC had the problem also. Since then, I found out that it displays correctly there. To my surprise, I had a reply from someone who wants to help. To my amazement, the first person is a young college student in this part of America.

There is plenty of room available for everyone to jump onboard with this project, including the older generations, like myself. This project needs a new type of investors, the once that are willing to invest the currency of content to this project. We need to have more people help and look at this. We need the entire nation involved. Only by working together, can we make this happen.

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Everybody Knows Somebody

The American Flag surrounded by Life

There is a great value in knowing people; there is even greater value by being known by others. So far, I am not well known. I have a plan to create jobs by helping potential business owners overcoming the initial hurdles of starting their business. Personally, I believe it is a great plan, however, at this point, I lack the trustworthiness in order to be able to reach the right people that are needed, the ones that can make it possible to assist me from converting this plan into fulfilled action.

There is so much that I am unable to do, that is needed to make a success of this plan and for those, it will aid. One area is the funding in order to provide the buildings and have them ready for operation. Another area that I will need a whole lot of help with is in the area of mentors, those experienced business people that will lead these people, by the hand if needed, down the road to a stable business. I will also be needing accountants and numerous other skills and vocations to help build up a solid foundation for these new businesses.

In addition to the help for the businesses, I will be needing help for those that will fill these businesses, the workforce. While there are schools equipped to handle the professional workforce, there is nothing out there to that will equip the general labor pool. Now, I do not want to provide a bunch of bodies to fill slots! I do not want bodies in a bunch of dead-end jobs. I want to create a stepping stone that has value in itself to help provide for the needs of the everyday person. I have known some very smart people that are vastly under-educated. Some of them lack the ability to read, speak or write English. How far do you think that people without these basic skills will be able to go in order to provide for the needs that they have, let alone for the needs of their families? I do not desire jobs to be filled to supplement the welfare roles. I want jobs that will grant people the dignity to get off government handouts! There is nothing wrong with getting help, however, there is everything wrong with being locked in a place where there is no hope of ever getting out of the “hand-out line!”

I know what it is like to get help from the government. It is wonderful not to have to be hungry or to go without a place to live. When I was growing up, my family was helped in many different ways and I am very grateful for all of that help. Nevertheless, I do not want to see welfare lines anymore, I would love to see them closed altogether. Not that I do not believe in helping people, it is my desire to eliminate the need for them.

I would like to take this time to share not so much my plan, but the things that have inspired its formulation. I have lived in several locations before my family finally moved to Newport, Tennessee, a rural town and a recessed community well before the economic crunch that hit this nation. Even though many of the people living here are very poor, they are not in poverty of heart. It is so common to see a benefit for this or that in order to help some person or family in their time of great need. They will even stand at intersection asking for help for worthwhile causes. It the almost six years that my family has lived here, there have been too many events to help people for me to be able to count. I have not seen this type of compassion anywhere else in all of the places that I have lived in America. In the same fashion, we can turn the economic health of this nation around if we all pull together and give of ourselves freely.

Before our youngest child was born, the doctor asked me to make a choice of whom I wanted to be saved in case of complications, I answered, “both.” We lived in Florida at the time; we ended up moving to La Porte, Texas. Aside from getting my desire of having both our son and my wife, I learn a valuable lesson.

In the area surrounding Houston, Texas, an area known as the “Chemical Belt.” There is an increased need for teaching their workers a basic but very important skill in safety. Since this need is so widespread, instead of each plant and supporting company duplicating the training process, they have only a few centrally placed locations that handle the teaching process of plant safety. In a like fashion, I would like to see centralize locations that will equip the potential workforce with the basic skills necessary to produce quality work. This could include lessons in English, reading, writing, and math. There could be various other things as determined by the needs within the different locations. These centers are not intended to replace or duplicate trade schools or colleges.

Over the course of my life, I have had a number of jobs that I have never done before. While certain skills transfer over to other jobs, there is usually a period of time spent in training. It is very important to learn the skills needed in order to be able to perform a job correctly. There is no difference in starting a new business. While the area of a trade of the basic job functions may be well known, very few people ever receive the chance to learn the ins and outs of running a business. Lately, I have heard that only one in every ten new businesses make it. This is by no means, meant to discourage anyone from starting a business! However, I do believe in preparing and equipping oneself in order to do the job correctly.

Are we too big for help?

There is no shame in not knowing something. However, there is great shame in knowing that you have a weakness and not doing something about it and failing just because we did not want to let another know that we do not know everything.

One final lesson that I have learned repeatedly is that most businesses fail even to get started. One major reason for this is a lack of resources needed. In some cases, these resources are rather small, so there is no help available through the normal channels. In other cases, the people attempting to start are hindered by the financial crunch that has overcome them. Now, if the nation as a whole can bail out the financial institutions, why is no one willing to help out the small guy or gal?

The financial institutes claim that these people are too high a risk. However, I believe, that with the right support, these people assisted by the inspiration of their great need will have the motivation that is required to be successful. So why not help them help themselves and the rest of America at the same time?

Now, for the call to action:

I am in great need for help. I am not asking for money. However, I am asking that you will share this with everyone that you know. If you believe in what I am presenting, then share it with others. If you have the skill set that is needed to help these new business owners or their workforce and you want to help then let me know.

You are the Locomotion that will drive us on the right track. Don’t be missing!

When we are closer to get this started, I will actively search out funding for the actual “Job Creation Project.” However, at this point, it is too early. I am still in the phase of getting the word out. If you would like to help in that fashion, please let me know. We currently plan on producing a documentary in order to solidify our ground. Once this has been done, we will be sending out these videos to the various offices in government.

I could really use your help in obtaining a catchy title for this video. Please submit your suggestions in the “contact me” on this blog. The selected entry will receive the first official copy of the video signed by me.

Facebook, a Social Site?

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

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Have you ever tried to add someone on Facebook and have your ability to add people blocked? Well, you’re not alone! It has happened to me several times. Several times, it was only for a few hours, but lately, I have received a two-day block.

When I received my two-day block, I made a post in two places on Facebook informing my friends. However, later I found that they removed it, but the second one was not.

I have just found out that this has been happening to other people other than me. Perhaps, they have too many people or, they only call themselves a social site.

Facebook new login system spam fastflux 4

Image via Wikipedia

I believe that I should have the ability to invite people, any people to befriend me. Do I know each of them, no of course not? Nevertheless, how will I ever have a chance to get to know anyone if I do not start somewhere? After all, every person is provided with the opportunity to reject an invitation.

If Facebook was so serious about preventing spam, then why does it permit others from adding people, their entire friends’ list, to other pages. The even allow you to add any and everyone to events. Do they only consider asking people to become your friends as spam?

With force, I was added to a page without my consent regarding opening a Junior College expansion in my town. While I believe, that doing so is a great idea. I would much rather be given an invitation than having someone, anyone simply adding me to some page. Doing something like this could seriously damage my Person Brand and character. Just think what you could be connected to. Given the right timing, it could cost you business or a job!

I really would like to know why Facebook would control one area under the pretense of being “SPAM” while it allows and makes it possible to not only “SPAM” you, but also add you to something without giving you a choice!

I have been informed that if I do not like the page that someone else adds me to, that I could remove myself from it. But really, that is not the issue here. If I was not able to connect to my account so some reason, this willful SPAM delivery system could cause some very serious damage. I wonder if Facebook could be held responsible for any damage that they not only permit but also enable.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

On the flipside, not too long ago I received an invitation to Google+. For some time, I had only the person who invited me in my circle of friends. The other day, I arrived to find seventy-three people waiting to be added to my circles. This has never happened to me anywhere else, sure, maybe one or two, but never Seventy-three.

Please share your experience with these so-called “Social Sites.”

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The Power of Friends

This Photo shows how Stephen Pierce uses Facebook Graph API

Check out and see it yourself how they use the Facebook Graph API.

The very core of Facebook is the social graph, which consists people and everything that they are connected to. For example, I attend Full Sail University and belong to several of their pages and have many of their students added on to my “Friends” list. I also have other connections, such as my friend Dustin Jenkins and I am connected to his two business pages. Another major page that I have access to in one from Steven Pierce. With Facebook Graph API, I could take any of that information and post it on a website.


There is quite a list of information that you can view from another website, provide that you have permission to access that information. The list of items that you can access consist of: Books, Checkins, Events, Friends, Groups, Likes, Movies, Music, Notes, News feed, Permissions, Photo Albums, Photo Tags, Profile feed (Wall), Video Tags, Video Uploads.


The good way that business can benefit from using the Facebook Graph API is by using the “Add” or “Login Using Facebook” features. They could also place Notes on Facebook and display them on their own website. Another great way is to use the “Recommend” feature. This way, visitors to your site will be able to promote your site to all their Facebook friends. I use this feature myself every time I add something to my blog, matter of fact, it is done automatically for me. This saves me a lot of time and I do not have to worry about remembering to do it each time.


This photo shows how Ministry Marketing uses the Facebook Graph API

Check out and see it yourself how Facebook Graph API is used.

Every business wants to be found, the more you use the different features that the Facebook Graph API allow you to use, the easier it will be for people to connect with you. In addition to being able to reach out to more people with the help of people on Facebook, you will also increase your websites rankings. So use the tools that are available to you, for the best price ever, FREE! It only requires adding a few lines of code to your website after you have gotten the appropriate information from Facebook and approval from the Page owner from Facebook.


This is for both new businesses and old, alike. Your marketing $Dollars$ will love you for this avenue of marketing. When your business increases, then you will be able to help fuel this economy by not only increased sales of your products or services, but also by being able to open your doors to an increased work force. This is something that you can do for both, America and yourself.


So, what are you waiting for? Let the power of “Friends” and “Like” drive your website forward! There is nothing that compares to “Friends helping Friends!”

A better Example of Abandoned Buildings


This jQuery Script is a great way to make photos a bit more interesting. The way it works is that it piles up the photos in one of nine squares, then when clicked it displays the photos in a three by three grid. While it adds flare to displaying the photos, it lacks the ability of being able to display a larger view of any of the photos. Its usefulness comes in the animation of the photos. I could see a lot of usefulness if an added function or two were included, such as a large view of each photo when clicked. By having the photos already loaded, switching from one view to the other is faster than if the photos needed to be loaded each time one of them is clicked.

Podcast Review – Funding an Idea

Kickstarter Website

Over the last few weeks, I have been blogging about job creation and my plan to do just that. When I first saw this assignment, I did not want to add it to my blog because I thought that it was off topic from what I had been writing about. To my pleasant surprise when I discovered a connection between the podcasts that were included.

The podcast that I selected is located at and it is Episode #18, even though in the podcast itself, it claims to be Episode 17. The podcast is titled “Tools, tools, tools.” While it talks about some additional topics, more than half of the podcast hoovers on one topic, It discusses how it was used to fund the writing of a book that obtained its requesting amount almost within a day or two.

The interesting part is that the author of the book was a well-known person who had over twenty thousand Twitter followers not to mention the other followers elsewhere. This project received massive funding well beyond the amount that which was requested. The speakers within the podcast talked about some other applications of Kickstarter. They suggested that a well-known person could have funded the project themselves. They also commented that designers or developer could use this type of funding for things that they might create, such as a new program that may fill some type of need. However, they thought that perhaps these type of projects might be vastly different than one that involved a physical product. They also talked about other types of application for this and other sites like this one.

While the consensus of the people talking sounded as if they may feel as if it should not be used for funding the start of a business, personally, I disagree with that type of thinking.

The way Kickstarter works, when you create a project, you state the amount and the length of time that the funds can be collected. You also need to post the perks that you offer for the various pledged amounts. Then at the end of the period listed, if the total amount collected equals the amount requested or more than you receive the money. However, if you do not reach the goal, you receive none of the money.

I believe that this would be a great way to have an idea funded. This could then grow into a business that could generate an ongoing stream of income. In this economy, that is a very good thing.

From looking at the Kickstarter website I have learned that it only accepts “creative” projects. That includes such this as music, writings, films, performances and the like. If any of the work that you do falls in these categories, you may want to look at the Kickstarter site and see if a project of yours could be funded this way.

(This article was submitted as a class assignment for FWD at Full Sail University, this is being posted here for another class assignment.)

Abandoned and Forgotten

Two abandoned BuildingsEvery day we see buildings like these that have been abandoned for years and it seems as if they have been forgotten. These are just a small example from of buildings that are off the main roads where I live. I cannot help but wonder how many people could find work in these places if they were revitalized and placed back into full service. I wonder how many new businesses could benefit from these buildings. I am not talking about robbing jobs from one location and having a business move to another area so that they can be a drain onto the community and get a free ride at the poorer people’s expense. Sure they provide a job or two, but not without taking it away from someone else in return. I am tired of the rich getting welfare that they do not need just to relocate. If we are going to help anybody, let us select those that really need the help and not those that are too cheap to use their own money.
Abandoned building 1
It seems like almost everyday or so, I hear about someone with a great idea for something. Just this week alone, I know of several people that would love to open the door in order to provide a service and jobs for others. One of these people name Josh has produced seven major films and is working on an eighth one right now. He would like to open a studio and train new actors as well.
Abandone building 2
Another group of people is struggling to open a company that will market a small device, directed to both the military and civilian market. This product would be shipped from this town and would provide for the packers and shippers. The product has already been developed and has already been in production. They just lack the funding to get it into the market and thereby employ people.

A third potential company wants to produce an outdoor combination-sliding couch that opens up to a bed. They need funding and a place to work in, and then they could employ people.

A fourth person that I know wants to open a mobile windshield repair service. She wants to provide service for our county and expand to as many others as possible. She knows what it is like to be unemployed well beyond unemployment benefits, her husband has been without work for approximately two and a half years now.
Abandoned building 4
These buildings and the many others out there could house businesses like these. With people earning a living and paying taxes, this would greatly reduce the burden on all the other Americans out there. Then when we are able to provide jobs for everyone willing to work, and not just minimum wage jobs either, then we as a nation could even start paying down our nation’s debt! We could once again be the nation others look up to!

Please help me find more building that can provide a place to work.

(All photos were taken by me.)

Jobs Cost Money

A refresher from my last blog.

All my life I have heard that it takes money to make money. Job Creation is no exception to that rule. With the economy in the poor state that it is in, how can we hope to free up enough money to prime the “Job Pump?”

After my family had move to the United States and I started attending school, one of my favorite things that I learned was what this country is all about. My teacher gave me such a love for my new homeland that learning even more about it never seemed like a chore. This in no way infers that I did not struggle while I was in school.

The extra lessons in school that I received made the teaching shorts during Saturday morning cartoon highlights that still bring pleasant memories. One of these short lessons was regarding the process of how a law is made. You may wonder what does law making have to do with finding money for job creation. In my opinion, it is one of the most important things to understand if we are to help turn this nation around during this crisis. (It even offers a side effect that I will share later on.)

The process of making a law was rather simple:

  1. Write a Bill
  2. Submit it to the House of Representatives
  3. Work out the differences
  4. Vote on the Bill
  5. If the Bill passes the vote, move Bill to the Senate
  6. Work out the differences
  7. If Bill has adjustment made by the Senate, the Bill is returned to the House
  8. The House votes on the changes to the Bill to see if they are acceptable
  9. If the Bills wins the vote it is returned to the Senate
  10. Senate votes on final Bill
  11. Bill is moved to the President to be signed into law
  12. If the president signs the Bill, it becomes a Law; If the President Vetoes the Bill, it returns to Congress to see if they can overturn the Veto

The main problem in having new Bills that are introduced is that most, if not all, have additions made to them, along the way, that have nothing to do with the Bill itself. This is commonly referred to as “Pork.” These additions can greatly affect the cost that is attached to these Bills. We, as a nation should close this loop-hole that drains this nations resources. We need to enforce a One Bill – One Law policy; in which only the original and entirely related subject matter can be part of any single Bill.

In addition to this, we need to make that policy retroactive back to include every law that is on the books and enforce right now!

In addition to this change, a second major policy is required to be implemented. For years, I have heard of how the government is charged rates for goods or services at grossly over inflated rates. While I am in total favor that everyone should be able to make a great living, I do not believe that people or companies that do business with our country should rob all Taxpayers daily.

The policy that I suggest needs to be retroactively applied to every contract that this nation has. It should be required that any item or service that is sold to the government may only demand a price tag that is equal or less than “fair market value.” If any contract is not adjusted and corrected to reflect this policy within 30 days will be made void and canceled.

I believe that these two actions alone can not only create the resources needed to create new jobs, but it should also free up enough resources to pay down the nation’s debt.

An addition area that could create a ton of money is the process of liquidating different assets that the government has acquired. These items could be anything from land or various items that may been obtained at customs or elsewhere. These item generally are sold at auction well below what they are actually are worth.

If these resources were to be sold near market value, than that money could be used to strengthen our nation as a whole.

I need your help, this task is too big for any one person to handle. However, together, as one people we the United States can overcome this. If you have any suggestions that may free up money or help fund the job creation process, please share it with us.

As always, I really need your help to spread the word. The person that you share this with may be the key to getting this problem resolved.

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Overcoming Joblessness

As Of May 2011, this is my county’s Unemployment Rate

Have you ever gone up the street and counted the number of business buildings that sit empty? Have you ever wondered why the buildings sit empty?

I have lived here in Newport Tennessee for about five and a half years now. As I drive around, I have seen so many buildings that have been empty for the whole time that I have been here and from the looks of them for a whole lot longer!

Now with gas being at an all-time high of nearly being four dollars per gallon without some crisis driving the high price, it makes me wonder why no one has stepped up and at least attempted to do something about this problem. Not only has there been no action taken, as far as I have heard, but the problem is also compounded with unemployment rates going through the roof.

If these two issues were not bad enough, every area of government has been affected by a lack of resources in order to perform its function. Likewise, businesses have been plagued for years with reduced business and have been forced to reduce their labor force because of this problem.

Towards the beginning of this problem, the situation has been addressed by throwing money by the way of a stimulus refund that was given to the people. This was followed by more money being given in order to bail out companies that have followed poor money handling practices by lending to people more money than they could afford to safely payback.

Each time, the fire of this burning situation has been attempted to be put out by focusing the top of the flames instead of the base or root of the problem.

At this point, I have been like so many before me that have only repeated to inform us what the problem is. However, I believe, that this is an opportunity for all of us to shine and be better for having gone through it in the first place.

By now, you may be thinking, who is this guy? Well, I am someone who had a ten dollar and fifty cents an hour job which made a big company more money. I was laid off from my job on my birthday back in February of 2008. I have completely exhausted all of my unemployment benefits and only been called in once during all that time for a job interview paying only minimum wage and was told by my interviewer that I would not be satisfied with such a low paying job! Needless to say, I did not get that job.

My purpose is not to complain. It provides a solution that will work here and everywhere that is brave enough to step out and implement it.

In order to be most effective, it requires all of us to pull together and defeat a common enemy.

This only way that we can overcome the lack of financial resources in every area of this nation, we must create jobs, not just any jobs, but ones that pay well and are taxed. When we have enough of these jobs, we can even have greater tax revenue and still be enabled to lower taxes.

Every step of this plan is able to produce jobs if it is followed very closely. Each step is equally as important as all of the others in order to be able to yield its desired results. If any step is ignored, it compromises the overall effectiveness.

Step 1

Enlist successful business owners or retired business owners to create a pool to be used later in the program

Step 2

Obtain funding, which will be used throughout the entire program for various purposes.

Step 3

Giving the local community a facelift by acquiring abandoned buildings and preparing them for use and meeting energy efficiency standards.

All work to be done only by contractors that have provided an employee list and then hires and uses crews that are made up of 50% of new hires, with a penalty of $5,000 per new hire that is reduced within a years time unless replaced by another new hire that retains the job for one year.

Step 4

Search out new local entrepreneurs to help them start their business. Only selecting them that will be hiring within 3 to 6 months

Step 5

Matchup entrepreneurs with members from the business pool with those of similar business types to function as mentors. These mentors will provide any help that is needed for up to six years in order to ensure the success of that business.

Step 6

Provide Groan Funding – a combination grant and loan – the loan is reduced by one percent, up to five thousand dollars per new hire that is employed for one year or more that is paid a minimum of two dollars above minimum wage. Only the actual minimum wage and not any of the reduced wages that may be available due to different vocations, such as waiters and waitresses or employees working for non-profit businesses. It must be the highest available minimum wage available in case more than one may apply!

Step 7

Match up building or parts thereof as needed for any of these new businesses.

Step 8

Provide community-based skills training to assist potential employees to be employable. (This does not include training to learn a skill or any other type of full courses that could be learned elsewhere. This is to provide basic skills training that is needed for entry-level jobs, such as English writing, reading, speaking, and math skills or any such basic skill that is needed to perform any of the entry-level jobs that are created.

I need your help to make this plan work. It is worthless if the people controlling the resources do not hear about it. Please join me by spreading the word to everyone that you know. If you are or have been successful in business and would like to join the mentor list, please email me. Together we can help everyone in these United States of America.

My email address is:

Currently, I have limited Internet access. Please be patient, I will reply as quickly as I am able.

I did a search in my local paper using the word job, most results are super outdated. Everything here was retrieved on May 23, 2011

What happened to the jobs? Last updated: 8:30 PM, 02/18/2011

Gas utility provides $20,000 for economic growth, jobs Published: 9:01 AM, 07/06/2010

Costly building codes questioned Last updated: 8:10 PM, 03/04/2011

Reader addresses building codes issue Last updated: 8:07 PM, 03/11/2011

Holloway concerned about budget cuts Published: 10:47 AM, 10/15/2009

Tenn. agencies face 12 percent cut in 3 years Published: 9:46 PM, 03/24/2009

Up to 50 jobs forecast at new distribution center Published: 11:52 AM, 08/17/2010

Tanner Building to receive $100,000 grant Published: 11:34 AM, 04/22/2010

While these may not directly show how they may relate, they do show the problems that jobless does create. I can not help but wonder if any of the money that was received or saved went to help land jobs so other types of handouts would no longer be needed.

Jobless rate declines despite employment drop Posted: Monday, May 23, 2011, 12:15 pm
I find this information difficult to believe, I wonder if they are including all of those, which have exceeded their benefits?